Aminoz Raw Whey Concentrate 1Kg

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Say hello to one of the purest whey proteins available in the market. Having undergone an expert purifying process to ensure maximum protein integrity, our Aminoz RAW Whey concentrate is packed with an impressive 21g of protein per serving, delivering the protein you need from a high-quality source. And as people know Aminoz experts always stays ahead in making a formulation, and a DIGESTIVE ENZYME BLEND is added to provide a quicker and better absorption.

Weight – 1 Kg


AMINOZ RAW Whey Protein Concentrate is unflavoured, undenatured protein supplement which helps in muscle building and gain lean mass. It is an excellent source of pure protein for body builders. The protein supplement contains whey protein concentrate 80% powder. The supplement is apt for the people who love intense workout. 


It also provides you with all the essential amino acids, including 4.5g of BCAAs providing the building blocks for new protein – before, during, and after workouts – as well as 3.6g of glutamine.


With ENZYME BLEND it’s fast absorbing, so we recommend enjoying 30-60 mins post-workout, but it’s also great for drinking any time of the day. Add to milk or water, or try it out with your favourite smoothies or porridge at breakfast times for a protein-packed treat.


?It provides your body with convenient, high-quality protein, which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass – making sure you’re getting the protein you need, each and every day.

Weight1 kg
Instruction for use

Add 1 full scoop (approx. 30g) of Aminoz Raw Whey Concentrate in 200ml water, juice or beverage of your choice. Consume 2 servings daily.


1 kg

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